Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bon Secour

Once again I'm way behind on updating my blog. Sheesh! It's so easy to be a slacker lately. :)

Brett and I spent last weekend in Gulf Shores and had a wonderful time. Jim and Mar took us on a back road tour of the Bon Secour River area and I think I like it as much or more than Gulf Shores proper.

One of my favorite stops was the Swift-Coles Tidewater Mansion that was on the Bon Secour River. Marlene's childhood friend's aunt (say that 5 times in a row!) was the last Swift family owner of the home and Marlene and her friend would spend a considerable amount of time here back in the 60's and 70's. It was so fun to walk around the house and hear Mar share her childhood memories.

After our visit to the Swift house, we decided to plan a last minute shrimp boil. Mar suggested we stop at MeMe's favorite place to get shrimp -- Freddie Stewart Shrimp. Freddie and his wife (whose name I can't remember. Ugh! I hate when I do that!) have a boat that they use to shrimp in and around the Bon Secour area when it's in season and down around Port St. Joe, FL when Bon Secour isn't in season.

I love the inside of their shop! They a huge bulletin board that is covered with load tickets back from the 70's. The Stewarts have been shrimping here for a good while.

We spent most of Saturday afternoon down at the beach and then came back to the house for our darn good shrimp boil. After dinner we went to play a quick game of putt-putt at Pirate's Island. That seems to be tradition in our family!

We slept in Sunday morning and then Jim, Brett and I went to play golf while Mar finished up a painting. I learned a valuable lesson out there. I may not be able to drive worth a flip, but I can sure putt! LOL

As always, we had a wonderful time down there and can't wait to go back in a few weeks.