Friday, August 17, 2012


We will be headed to beautiful Ft. Morgan/Gulf Shores in 3.5 hours. I can't wait!

I'm ready for sun, sand, and surf!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Montgomery highlights via Instagram pictures

My birthday isn't until next Tuesday, but Brett and I went to Montgomery last weekend to celebrate with just the two of us. This weekend we'll be in Fort Morgan with Jim and Marlene and then we'll celebrate with my parents on my actual birthday. We take birthdays seriously 'round here!

We lived in Montgomery for a little over a year, but I never went to the First White House of the Confederacy OR the State Archives. That's hard to believe considering my obsession with genealogy! I'm sure Brett was bored to death, but he at least acted interested for my sake.

We had the best tour guide at the FWHOC. I thought I was asking some pretty tough questions and he rattled off the answers before I finish the question! He was fun to talk to and let us wander around until my heart was content. Had a huge group of people not walked in at the last minute, I was going to BEG him to sneak us into Jefferson Davis' study and take our picture in there.

The house originally stood almost directly across the street from where the official government seat of the Confederacy stood. The marker for that is right outside of Wintzell's Oyster House behind the Renaissance Hotel.

The Alabama State Archives are right next door to the FWHOC. I was so tempted to poke my head in and look up a few things, but I knew that there was no way it would be a quick trip. I could easily spend all day in there! Brett was being a trooper and I didn't want him to be bored to death.

The best part was Saturday morning's temperature. It was actually in the 60's in August and I have proof! I'm so ready for Fall to get here. Bring on the boots, scarves, chili cookouts, and Auburn football! WAR EAGLE!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Spend August: Day 5 (and weekend recap)

I'll fess up. I blew it yesterday. Twice.

Yesterday morning I drove up to Selma and I stopped in Greenville to grab breakfast at Krystal. I was weak for two reasons: 1) We don't have a Krystal within an hour of where we live and 2) I'm a complete sucker for their Sunrisers. -$5.00

Saturday afternoons have turned out to be our weekly shopping time. Brett went with me to Walmart and we actually stayed well within budget. Once a month we always stop and pick up chicken wings and cheese bread for dinner with my parents and it was our turn this month. -$45.00

Maybe next weekend will be a little better!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 1 - No Spend August

I've made it through approximately 1/2 of Day 1 and I've learned that I'm way too tempted to shop online at work! I've deleted Etsy from my menu bar so hopefully that will squash any extra temptation. :)

My birthday plans have been excluded from the 'No Spend' clause. Hallelujah! We're going down to Fort Morgan for that weekend. I told him I was totally OK with no shopping, but I wanted at least 2 round of min-golf and dinner at Southbeach