Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Spend August: Day 5 (and weekend recap)

I'll fess up. I blew it yesterday. Twice.

Yesterday morning I drove up to Selma and I stopped in Greenville to grab breakfast at Krystal. I was weak for two reasons: 1) We don't have a Krystal within an hour of where we live and 2) I'm a complete sucker for their Sunrisers. -$5.00

Saturday afternoons have turned out to be our weekly shopping time. Brett went with me to Walmart and we actually stayed well within budget. Once a month we always stop and pick up chicken wings and cheese bread for dinner with my parents and it was our turn this month. -$45.00

Maybe next weekend will be a little better!

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  1. I just blogged about seeing the World Headquarters for Krystal!!! I was so excited to walk out of the Moon Pie store and see it.

    Good for you sticking to the budget. You will always remember this lesson.
    (Here's my link)