Wednesday, July 6, 2011

C25K Update

My progress is way less than brag-worthy, but to hold myself accountable I'm going to post anyway. I'm doing more walking than jogging right now (trying to lose a little more weight first before I stress my knee), but I'm going to start incorporating more treadmill and less outside. I'm not a fan of the Alabama heat and humidity and I'm using the weather as a handy excuse to shortchange my workout time.

We had a great 4th of July weekend. I had a 4 day weekend (thanks to my wonderful boss, RDN!) and spent over 24 hours of it shopping, cooking, and cleaning! It was worth it, though. We had a good turnout and everyone ate until we couldn't move. The guys got a break from the grill while my mom and Anita took over. They did a great job -- good enough that the boys want to retire from grill duty! Hahaha!

Jim and Mar flew up to D.C. to spend the 4th with Alaina and out of the hundreds of thousands on the Mall that day, Jim ended up getting interviewed on MyFoxDC! I love it! Here's a link to the video clip if you're interested. About 3:08 into the clip is Jim's interview!

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