Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crow Mountain

Brett and I {along with his younger brother, Cory} drove up to Scottsboro last weekend for three reasons. We really wanted to see Jim and Mar again, I had a barn to visit in Tennessee, and it's apple season on Crow Mountain! In the 6 years that Brett and I have been together, we've never timed it to where we could get apples from the Crow Mountain orchard.

Right down the lane from the orchard was a small cemetery next to a beautiful pond. There were old {circa 1950s} wooden tables built against the treeline and some {not-so-old-but-still-not-new} outhouses nearby. I thought it would be cute to get some pictures of the boys with the outhouse. I think they turned out so cute!

These guys are so funny. I wish I had edited some of the "outtakes" from our mini-shoot. They had me cracking up something fierce. Their sense of humor is totally genetic! They get it from they Daddy!

After we came home from Crow Mountain, Mar and I shooed the boys off to the golf course so we could put our fresh apples to good use.

We turned these pretty Jonathan apples into some yummy goodies!

I made a caramel apple cheesecake and Marlene made an apple pie. Both tasted as good as they looked!

There's a good chance that we'll be able to see both of them again this weekend as well. Mar is setting up a booth at the William's Station Day in Atmore. I'm hoping that Cory can drive up and Brett, myself, and my parents can drive over. It will be nice to have the whole {extended!} family get together!

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