Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

Brett and I went to Aiken at the end of March to see his grandmother and spend some time with his half siblings and nieces and nephew. Jim and Mar were up there at the same time so we all had a great time. Brett's grandmother was admitted to the hospital the day after we got there so that changed our game plan a little. In between visiting G-ma, we did quite a bit of exploring around Aiken County and into Augusta. I'd driven through Augusta several tiems, but this was the first time we went downtown and actually checked it out. 

We've taken several trips down to Gulf Shores to see Jim and Mar. While we both miss the Scottsboro area (and the great friends we made up there) it sure is nice to have Jim and Mar closer to us and a great excuse to always get to go to the beach! We've been taking full advantage of the great beach weather this year. :)

My boss and his family took a 2 week trip to Costa Rica at the end of June and the day after they left my only co-worker went out on medical leave. It was an interesting 2 weeks holding down the fort, but it went smoother than I expected. I was BLESSED to have a great temp helper and thankfully nothing out of the norm happened while he was gone. As soon as they came back Brett and I took a trip to New Orleans (my first!) for a weekend. 

 I had a fabulous time and I'm ready to go back anytime. We stayed at the Loft 523 which was a very quick walk from CBD into the French Quarter. We spent most of Saturday walking around and sight-seeing and took a bus ride that afternoon. We had made dinner reservations at K-Paul's, but the earliest they could get us in was 9:00 and we came across a wonderful restaurant next to Pat O'Brien's. I highly recommend the Old Coffeepot on St. Peter Street. The food is incredible and their bartender made the BEST hurricane that I drank the entire weekend.

When we came home from New Orleans we had quite a surprise waiting for us. My aunt and cousin from New York (along with his girlfriend and son) came down to spend a week with us. It was the first time that I got to meet Declan and Megan. We had a ball while they were here!

We also took the Camaro out of couple times this year. A friend of ours drove it in August while my dad was building the motor for his car. It was fun to get to watch it go down the track as just a spectator! 
It's been nice to have the last few weekends around the house before our fall schedule kicks into high gear!

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