Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day 2014

Southern Alabama actually got my favorite 4 letter word this year --- SNOW! Winter storm Leon brought about an inch of ice and a couple inches of snow last Tuesday and it was enough to completely shut Alabama down for 2 days.

It started off as a COLD, light rain on Tuesday morning and then quickly became freezing rain as the morning progressed. My boss decided to close the office at 10:30 and I decided to grab a quick lunch (and a margarita!) with a friend before I went home. In the 45 minutes I was inside the restaurant, my car looked like this!

Brett's boss let him come home around 1 so we settled in and got warm and cozy because we knew we were going to be home for a while! The freezing rain turned into sleet about 2:30 and then it started to snow right after dark. I'm very grateful that the freezing rain transitioned into sleet quicker than they forecasted because I was really starting to get concerned about the trees and power lines!

When we woke up on Wednesday we had a beautiful blanket of snow covering everything! Nothing is more beautiful to me than a fresh blanket of snow and the absolute quiet that comes along with it. It's so peaceful.

Since the roads were completely iced over and everything was shut down we decided to get outside and play like kids! We rode the 4 wheeler through the woods and spent hours running around with Gomer. I'm not sure who had more fun, Gomer or us! :)

This was the first time that Gomer has seen snow. He was born 3 months after our big snowfall in February 2010. He wasn't quite sure what he thought about it at first, but he quickly decided that it was pretty fun!

I really hope that we get lucky enough to get just one more snow day this year!

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  1. I was hoping that we would get some up here in North AL but no luck! I am glad that you were not stuck on the road like so many other unlucky people!