Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Spend August

I'm a little late to the "7" party; I just finished reading it last weekend. It ranks a place in my Top 10 Favorite Books Ever pile for sure. Despite the fact that it was an awesome book and that I totally think Jen is a rockstar for pulling that off, I'm not sure that I have the self discipline to do so. Imagine my surprise when my hubby (who never read the book nor did he know I was reading it) decided we need to tackle some 7-esque type challenges to make us aware of just how much extra crap we have/spend/do/waste.  Hello, God. Nice to meet you here. Would you care for a glass of tea?

{This is where I inserted a pretty big sigh and a slight eye roll. Just being honest!}

We're tackling spending for the month of August. There are several good reasons why I'm not excited about doing this during the month of August -- my birthday being a big one! I had some pretty fun ideas that are now pretty much flushed down the commode. Granted, if I know Brett I'm pretty sure he has something nice up his sleeve, but I'm still not in love with the idea.

The goal for the month of August is pretty simple. If it's not a bill or a necessity, don't buy it. It sounds a lot easier than it's going to be. I'm already not a fan of no new Kindle books, no stalking good deals on eBay, no cute stuff from Etsy, no new iTunes downloads, no Sugar Rush (our local version of Starbucks) -- no ANYTHING.

Unlike the book, I don't think I'm going to ask for external accountabilty partners. I think Brett and I are going to try to fly this thing alone. Hopefully we won't crash and burn!

I'm planning to use my blog as a way to journal this. Here's to hoping I can remember to update it!


  1. Good luck. I think you will receive huge knowledge and blessings from this experiment. Just hurry and purchase some new shoes and season football tickets before August 1st rolls around!

    But then again, aren't season football tickets necessities?

  2. Football tickets ARE necessities -- at least in our family! LOL