Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet Summertime

The past few months have slowly melted together in the delicious blur known as summertime. Nothing overly exciting has happened; we're just enjoying life!

Our family grew by 4 paws over Memorial Day weekend. A sweet, 2 year old male Boxer wandered up and adopted us. We managed to find his original family and after learning that they were not able to keep him any longer, made him an official member of our family! His first family named him Bama, but Brett starting calling him Gomer as a nickname and it seems to have stuck. He's such a funny fellow!

Jim and Marlene drove up for Memorial Day and my dad twisted Jim's arm hard enough that he agreed to take Dad's Harley for a spin. I'm pretty sure that my Dad is now on Marlene's bad list. :)

I've been fighting 2 new addictions lately --- HGTV and Pinterest! I've dabbled on Pinterest for a while, but I've been really drawn in over the past couple weeks. Brett laughs at me when I hole up in the bedroom every night to pin until my heart's content! LOL

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