Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas...on a budget. Part I

I love to shop! I couldn't even pretend to deny it because my sweet hubby would pull out our latest bank statement and remind me of the fact that HE is not the one who shops at Kohl's, Pottery Barn, and Kirkland's. His is more likely to be Cabela's, Double Tap, and Walter Craig. :)

I'm a little behind on my Christmas shopping this year, so I thought a post about affordable gift ideas might help me get motivated to finish. For the sake of this post, I'm calling affordable as gifts under $50. Honestly, most of them are well under, though!

I am huge fan of Kirkland's. I have always been able to score some fabulous deals there. It also doesn't hurt that I like to shop at the one in Destin and I love any excuse to jump over to the Silver Sands Outlet while I'm done there. Just keepin' it real, folks! :) Right now Kirkland's has some super cute picture frames on sale that would be great gifts for yourself or someone else!

This cute, funky frame is only $7.98 right now. I've been eyeing it for a while now because I think it would look GREAT in my office! It would also be a great gift idea for almost anyone.

This decorative metal charger is one of my favorite pieces at Kirkland's right now. The colors match our living room (and master bedroom!) perfectly so I have a feeling that Santa Claus may be putting one under the tree. At only $19.99 it's a steal!

It's also no secret that I've had a love affair with Pottery Barn for YEARS. Unfortunately, some of their prices keep me from going hog-wild like I want to, but I've still been able to score some pretty awesome deals.

I am in L.O.V.E. with these metal vases. They would look beautiful with some hydrangeas or sunflowers in them! They're priced between $3.99 and $36.99 so they fit in almost anyone's price range!

This is probably one of my favorite vintage style clocks ever. It's so simple, clean and it looks just like one that my great-aunt used to have on the mantel in her old farmhouse. Right now it's only $39.99!

Hopefully this may give you a few affordable gift ideas. I know it's inspired me to hurry up and finish my Christmas shopping!

*I have not received any compensation for this post. Kirkland's and Pottery Barn have no idea who I am. I'm just another nameless credit card number to them! I wrote about these products because I truly love them and wanted to share about them!


  1. I just purchased that PBK clock a couple of weeks ago. Have you been to the Pottery Barn Outlet- they were selling them for $19.99! I am going to enter it in our family dirty Santa exchange. I always give one nice gift and one white elephant gift- this year it is Beeropoly- ha!

    Thank you for stopping by over at Yoga Gal and leaving such a nice compliment. Merry Christmas! :D

  2. First Follower, I feel special- woo hoo! ;)

  3. Hi Katie!

    Thanks so much for following and commenting! YAY!

    Had I seen that clock for $19.99, I'd have scooped one up, too! I'm hoping my husband (a.k.a. "Santa") made sure one was on the list this year.