Thursday, November 10, 2011

My week thus far {via Instagram}

I know that it's normally Instagram Friday, but I will be at the horse show at 5:00 tomorrow through Sunday night, so Thursday it is!

These were taken across the bridge from our river cabin. I drive this way every day to/from work and it's just beautiful this time of year. I'm hoping to take the Pontoon boat out next weekend so I can get some "real" pictures if the leaves haven't already fallen. We're supposed to get down to 27 degrees tomorrow night so I'm not holding out much hope!

Our town's sports complex. I was asked to do photos for the All-Star soccer league. I'm a wee bit excited about that. The formal photos are tonight and I'm going to freeze my hind-end off!

Our 5th anniversary is this month! It's been a wild ride, but I love my hubby more and more every day -- unless it's just one of those days where I'm ready to shoot him! :) I think most married couples will agree with me on that one.

This store has always fascinated me. It's been closed for a LONG time, but I still hope that someone will open it back up. I hate seeing old buildings crumble away.

Dahki's show ring debut is tomorrow afternoon! I'm SOOOO stinkin' excited! I've gotten phone calls and texts from friends who are already at the arena and they all say that he looks fabulous! If I didn't have photos at the sports complex tonight, I would have taken a half day and driven down. The suspense is driving me crazy!

Have a great weekend!

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