Monday, March 11, 2013

A quick glimpse at our new hobby

Brett and I (and Gomer!) have a new hobby and we spent the gorgeous weather yesterday enjoying it to the fullest!

We live near several National Forests and had never really taken the time to get out and enjoy them. We started looking for places to take Gomer on quick day trips and got hooked after our first one. Gomer is a trooper and LOVES going on adventures!

We spent most of yesterday in the Conecuh National Forest. I grew up going down to Blue Springs in the summer and had never taken Brett down there. It doesn't resemble the old swimming hole much at all anymore. The bank has eroded quite a bit over the past few years and they've had to build 2 retaining walls to keep the damage from continuing. Gomer was fascinated watching the fish swim in the clear water, though!

We followed the Conecuh Trail around to where the creek, Blue Springs, and the river meet up. I was fascinated at how different the water looked from each source. I wasn't so thrilled about crossing the bridge over the creek though. It was only 15 feet up, but it was extremely windy and the bridge wasn't so sturdy. I'm PETRIFIED of heights and I think Gomer takes after me in that regard. Brett got Gomer across and I sucked it up and followed. I wasn't too happy about it, though!

We stopped at had a quick picnic lunch at Open Pond on our way out. The shelter they have is extremely nice and overlooks the pond. It's a gorgeous view!

I grew up here and our place on the river is less than 3 miles away, but I had never gone to the actual waterfall that the town of River Falls is named after. I was planning on just stopping on the bridge and trying to grab a couple of quick pictures through the trees, but Brett suggested we actually trek back there. I'm glad we did. When the sunlight peeks through the trees and onto the waterfall, it's absolutely breathtaking! It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful sight has practically been in my backyard this whole time.

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