Saturday, March 9, 2013

Poor Lucy!

Lucy (a.k.a. Lula Belle when she's particularly prissy) is the grand dame of our house. She was Brett's grandmother's favorite cat and she asked us to bring Lucy home when she passed away. Lucy has been with us ever since.

Lucy had a little accident when she was jumping off our bed the other day and ended up breaking the last bone in two of her toes. That's the same bone that holds her claws. Somehow (our vet is baffled by this, too!) when the bones broke it caused her claws to get bend inwards and lodged into and under her pads. The only option was for her to have surgery on that foot to dislodge the claws and completely remove those bones. The way the vet worded it was that removing those bones was essentially de-clawing her on those toes. 

Lucy was not a happy camper when Brett picked her up and brought her home last night. She was still groggy from the anesthesia and is NOT in love with the splint/bandage apparatus on her foot. Watching her limp/crawl/hop around just breaks my heart, but Dr. Toby's office said that it's normal for now. She seems to be feeling a little better this morning and has spent the last couple hours curled up between Brett and I on our bed. I keep putting off a trip to town because I don't want to wake her up and move her!

Thankfully, Dr. Toby said that she should be good as new in about three weeks. Despite her foot and being a little on the chunky side (she weighs a whopping 13.5 lbs!) she's in great health for her age. Don't tell her, but she's going on a diet once her foot is healed!

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