Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Safe and Sound

Dahkilah made it to the trainer's barn safe and sound yesterday evening. K, our friend whose barn he was previously at, took some photos for me before they pulled out. {I was there for a little while, but had to get back to the office.} I thought I had them on my iPad, but I don't. Oops! I'm driving over there Saturday morning to see him and I know I'll take tons of pictures then. K sent a few horses, too so Dahkilah has some of his buddies with him. :)

Work is going well. There are times when I still feel a little chafed by a regular 8-5 schedule, but I am immensely grateful to even have a job in such a tough economy. As it stands, my paycheck will be supporting Dahkilah at the trainer's and not much else. The things we do for our babies!

Brett's grandmother in Aiken had another small stroke on Saturday. She lost vision in one of her eyes and the neuro isn't sure if it will be permanent or not. Brett's dad and step-mom are planning to drive over there soon and we will more than likely meet them there. It's a little more complicated to just pick up and go with no notice anymore.

Since I'm using this blog as a personal journal, this week marks the 2nd full week on my new diet. I've done fairly well, but still had a few slips. I've really got to tighten up before Dahkilah hits the show ring.

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